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Hawaii became the 50th state to join the United States on August 21, 1959. The capital city is Honolulu (Oahu). The highest point is Mauna Kea at 13,803 feet (4207 meters) (island of Hawaii, aka The Big Island), a dormant volcano last erupting 2460 BC. Mauna Kea is over 33,000 feet (10000 meters) tall, making it the world's tallest mountain measured from its base to the summit; the majority of which is under water. The highest point on Kauai is Kawakini Peak about a mile south of Mt. Waialeale, the volcano that originally built up the island.

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After a beautiful morning at Shipwreck Beach, what could possibly be better? If you are on Kauai the supply of breathtaking experiences and views is endless and so it was on this day. Even roadside attraction that require absolutely no effort can steal your heart. Just look at the view from a very low-key roadside pullout on Kaumualii Highway (or Hwy 50). How do you not stop and gaze in awe every time you pass by?

Hanapepe Valley Lookout, Kauai, HawaiiHanapepe Valley LookoutKauai, Hawaii

Hanapepe Valley Lookout, Kauai, Hawaii

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you! (#etbtsy)

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