Daniel Novak Photo | Cobblestone on Pinhole, Buffalo, NY

Cobblestone on Pinhole, Buffalo, NY

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Behind the Scenes at Cobblestone Bar & Grill with a Lensless 4x5 Pinhole CameraCobblestone Bar & GrillBehind the Scenes I have previously shared with you my excitement about shooting pinhole on photo paper and the charm of getting a single original photo. But since I am still very new to it I am still finding my way around its challenges with framing, with exposure, with contrast, and more. So when I developed this particular photo I was, and still am, very excited.

Since I had little idea what would make it into the frame I was first surprised that the building corner did not fit in, then perplexed about how the white banner peaks at the top of the frame with all of the lettering in, and eventually rather pleased with all four sides of the photo. In fact I ended up liking this composition so much that I went back to capture it on digital too.

The next challenge was how to present this original print online. Drying the photo on a laundry line did not work out. While it's usually ok with RC paper this fiber based paper crinkled up and did not look appealing nor was it in a shape to be scanned or photographed. It went back in the water for a second drying attempt when I weighed it down under a stack of books. The outcome was better but still not satisfactory. Only yesterday was I able to make the third time a charm, using an old photo dryer. In couple minutes, drying the print face up to keep it mostly matte, it came out beautifully.

I had to work on the scanned image though to get it as close to the actual print as possible. With the default settings, it came out too bright. Also, the photo paper itself has just a tiny bit of a warm tone to it which got lost in my black and white scan. Still, the original looks the best, and that is the whole point.

Cobblestone Bar & Grill Matted, Ilford Harman Direct Positive Fiber Based PaperCobblestone Bar & GrillLensless 4" x 5" Pinhole Camera, Ilford Harman Direct Positive Fiber Based Paper

Enjoy the Beauty that Surrounds You! (#etbtsy)

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