Daniel Novak Photo | Road Trip 2018 on a Page

Road Trip 2018 on a Page

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Film Photography: Nikon FE, Loaded with Black & White Ilford Delta 100 FilmNikon FELoaded w/Black & White Film Just couple weeks ago we returned from another wonderful family road trip, this one being the Road Trip 2018. I know, what an original name! But I've been titling them that way since 2013 when we launched the series. This one was a repeat in a way but a total original in so many other ways! We headed back to southern New Mexico again, as we had done back in 2014. Parts of the journey were shared between the two trips, other parts were brand new. It's always an interesting balance to keep - to revisit our favorite places from the past while making enough time to explore new ones.

One thing that was different on this trip was my photo equipment. And it was not the digital camera that was the change I mean. It was my Nikon FE and a roll of black and white Ilford film. And I loved every minute of using it along the way. I looked for opportunities to use it beyond my experience with it so far. I tried to mix it up among architecture, road side attractions, especially on Route 66, and natural landscapes.

Do you know what the coolest thing about the film camera was? It was so simple. Just the camera, loaded with a roll of film, and one red filter. That's it! Not even batteries to charge every day.

My excitement definitely did not fade upon return. Just the opposite, if it's even possible. As soon as I had an opportunity, I mixed a new batch of XTOL developer and got my film developed. Pulling it out of the tank was so exciting! And seeing the images! I was really happy about the tonality of all of the frames.

The first time in about 25 years, I have decided to make contact prints of that single roll of film. And I am so glad I did. I plan on doing them for all of my film going forward and will possibly even go back. It's just easier to look at the positive images rather than studying the negatives. And I will tell you, those negatives can mess with your head! But more on that another day.

Road Trip 2018 on Black & White Film, Contact PrintRoad Trip 2018On Black & White Film

Road Trip 2018 - Nikon FE, Ilford Delta 100 Black & White Film

See how there are pretty much 2 exposure levels on this film? That became part of the learning experience for me. The darker ones are shot with the red filter and the lighter ones without. As simple as that. Both groups are perfectly printable with good results . They just look so obviously different here as the whole contact print received the same exposure. Seeing the results and knowing right away what the one variable was I researched the topic and found my answer. Apparently, it all comes down to differences between the film sensitivity to different wave lengths of light and the sensitivity of the light meter in the Nikon FE. The light meter does not fully compensate for the darkening filter factor and thus the images end up underexposed. On the flip side, the filter free photos could use a little dampening.

The plan? I will shoot the filter free photos on the Ilford Delta with a -1/3 and all photos with the red filter +2/3. I'll report back.

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you! (#etbtsy)

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