Daniel Novak Photo | At Peace Bridge after a While

At Peace Bridge after a While

June 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

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My return to film photography and darkroom photo printing has an interesting side effect. I want to go back and photograph some of my favorite places again on film so that I can make my own black and white prints. I have always liked revisiting places and even have several posts here in the blog on that topic, however, this puts a whole new spin on the topic. I prefer to take only one camera with me on my photo outings, any more seems to distract me. Too many gadgets and not enough focus on what's around me. However, sometimes I at least throw some extras in the trunk.

So for today's post, here are two fresh color photos from one of my favorite locations, the Bird Island Pier, or Nowak Pier, with the camera pointed at Peace Bridge. As I entered the pier I noticed the "new" dedication plaque to Henry J Nowak. Yes, I have probably not been here for longer than I thought. I doubt anyone will start calling the pier by that name just because of the plaque but who knows. I guess renaming things there is popular as the island itself saw its name go from Squaw Island to Unity Island.

As soon as I started walking down the pier I noticed something I had never seen here before. There was so much water and the water level in the Black Rock Canal was so high that the overflow pipes going under the pier were very busy. Water was rushing through all of them with force making for quite a unique sight and also generating quite a bit of noise! It also immediately captivated my attention and I knew I wanted that to be the differentiating element from my past photos.

Water Rush under Peace Bridge, Buffalo, NYWater Rush under Peace BridgeBuffalo, NY

I found myself an interesting overflow with a branch and a pretty large log and started working on the camera position and angles. I went lower and lower until the camera was about a foot over the flowing water. The log, however, proved to be an unexpected challenge. Despite being large and heavy it wobbled around in the strong water flow. It was bumping against one of my tripod legs interfering with the long exposures I had in mind. That was easily fixed by repositioning the tripod though.

The second challenge was not so easily solvable. As the log moved back and forth couple inches it was getting blurred and that was not good. In long exposures, I like the blurred water flow to be clearly contrasted with sharply rendered objects like rocks or wood in this case. Solution? I pushed the log off a bit with my foot and lodged it underneath the log to prevent the rocking. In the end, I thought it worked alright despite making for an uncomfortable picture taking position.

I took the first photo shortly after sunset as the sky retained some nice colors. Unfortunately, all of the clouds from an earlier rain floated away about two hours too early.I liked this angle not only because it combined the overflow water rush from Black Rock Canal to the Niagara River but it also showed both the river and Lake Erie in the background.

For the next photo, I had to wait another 45 minutes.

Gold & Purple Peace Bridge, Buffalo, NYGold & Purple Peace BridgeBuffalo, NY

Enjoy The Beauty That Surrounds You (#etbtsy)!

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Color Splash Reflection under Peace Bridge over Niagara River, Buffalo, New York (NY)Color Splash Reflection under Peace BridgeBuffalo, NY Peace Bridge from Buffalo, NY to Fort Erie, Canada over he NIagara River after Sunset.Peace Bridge at SunsetBuffalo, NY Peace Bridge Dressed in Blue, with Hints of Green, Red, and Yellow. Bird Island Pier, Buffalo, New York (NY).Peace Bridge Dressed in Lavender and BlueBuffalo, NY Illuminated Peace Bridge at Dusk with a reflection of the bridge and lights in the Niagara River below. Connects Buffalo, NY, USA and Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada.Illuminated Peace Bridge at DuskBuffalo, NY


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