Rock Cities, Mills, History, and More

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Sluj Českých bratří, Rock City Ostaš, Eastern Bohemia, Czech RepublicSluj Českých bratří, OstašCzech Republic

Back in the Czech Republic for another exploration and adventure, this time focused on the rock cities and labyrinths of the Eastern Bohemia and the Teplice / Adršpach region. The rock city of Adršpach is very famous, and for a good reason, but that comes at a price. Depending on your luck timing your visit, you may have a wonderful outdoors experience or be faced with crowds and a rather commercial experience. Teplice Rocks are set up in a much lower key fashion and in my opinion top Adršpach even in the outdoors experience. Then, there is Ostaš, featured in the photo here offering two loops through rock labyrinths, Jirásek Rocks with ruins of Skály castle still offering wonderful distant views and a watchtower Čáp, and Broumov walls.

However, it was not all about rocks. Apparently, Holland is not the only country with a wind mill history. The Moravian region has their fair share too. After previously exploring the Chvalkovice Wind Mill, I stumbled upon another similar one in Kunkovice, and later was told about a differently constructed one in Ruprechtov. Wind Mills offer wonderful focal points for photography, at least in my opinion.

And there was still more. As you know from my past posts, I love the rolling hills and fields of Southern Moravia and enjoyed walking the web of dirt roads winding through them yet again. And it would not be me if I did not catch a train or two.

Yes, today it's going to stay with this single teaser but there is so much to share. So bookmark this blog and check back often. Or, now that I have finally capitulated, like and follow my Facebook page @danielnovakphoto and be reminded to check my blog when a new post goes out.

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you! (#etbtsy)

References: Ostaš, Adršpach area

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