Crossed Logs Take II

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Couple pinhole posts back I shared my excitement about hitting the woods of Chestnut Ridge with my 4x5 Lensless pinhole camera. Especially the crossed logs scene caught my eye there despite the 40 minutes it required to expose on the positive photo paper.

Crossed Logs, Lensless 4x5 PinholeCrossed LogsLensless 4x5 Pinhole

Crossed Logs, Lensless 4" x 5" Pinhole

I was not done with the scene yet either. A few days later the weather turned cloudy and I immediately had the itch to go back and see what difference the lower contrast would make. Here's the difference.

Crossed Logs - Take 2, Lensless 4x5 PinholeCrossed Logs - Take IILensless 4x5 Pinhole

Crossed Logs - Take II, Lensless 4" x 5" Pinhole

With this post, I also took the time to create a new home for my pinhole photographs beyond the city of Buffalo. Those cityscapes have already been living on for a while but the other ones lived only in my blog with no easy way to find them later and all in one place. That's changed now. You can now see them under Pinhole Photography.

Enjoy the Beauty that Surrounds You! (#etbtsy)

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