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Wow, what a crazy break! I posted the first part of this photo story back on October 28, 2021. So in case you don't remember how this story started, feel free to get a refresher at Back for more mystery, Ostaš, Part 1.

The location of the Ostaš Rock City was a site of a terrible tragedy in 1421. The villagers from a nearby village of Police hid here from the army of Sigismund of Luxembourg. However, their location was betrayed and the army massacred the villagers including men, women, and children. Is that why the Mound of Death appeared in the rock wall?

Mound of Death, Ostaš, Czech RepublicMound of Death, OstašCzech Republic

Mound of Death, Ostaš, Czech Republic

The above Mound of Death is not the only creatively named rock formation in the Ostaš Rock City. Others include Armed Man, Traitor (related to the story above) and the below Devil's Car. Their look changes from different angles and who knows what they would all be called if someone else did the honors.

Devil's Car, Ostaš, Czech RepublicDevil's Car, OstašCzech Republic

Devil's Car, Ostaš, Czech Republic

Sometimes it is not about the rock formations towering above the forest floor but about the gaps in the table mountain itself. Sneaking through narrow gaps like the one below provides a reminder about our human size compared to Mother Nature. While usually translated to English as a cave it is more of a deep and narrow notch.

Czech Brothers' Cave, Ostaš, Czech RepublicCzech Brothers' Cave, OstašCzech Republic

Czech Brothers' Cave, Ostaš, Czech Republic

In a few places the view opened up and the tall rock formations looked rather magnificent against the blue sky and the bonus white puffy clouds floating by for the perfect backdrop.

Below Cat Rocks, Ostaš, Czech RepublicBelow Cat Rocks, OstašCzech Republic

Below Cat Rocks, Ostaš, Czech Republic

Some of the narrow passages required custom made solutions like the ladder below.

Up the Cat Rocks, Ostaš, Czech RepublicUp the Cat Rocks, OstašCzech Republic

Up the Cat Rocks, Ostaš, Czech Republic

And that's it for today's brief stroll through a beautiful piece of nature in the Czech Republic. And it looks like next time will be a slight change of pace even though we will not leave the rock cities completely. Where are we heading? You will have to check back ...

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you! (#etbtsy)

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Cat Rocks, Rock City Ostaš, Czech RepublicCat Rocks, OstašCzech Republic Rock City Ostaš, Czech RepublicRock City OstašCzech Republic In a Fairy Tale at Pískovna, Adršpach-Teplice Rocks National Park, Czech RepublicIn a Fairy TaleCzech Republic


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